humanitarian aid, cooperation for development and child's rights

Terre des hommes Italy assists 100,000 children and 400,000 people with 70 projects in 22 countries.
We carry out humanitarian relief and international development projects in child protection.

In Italy we are engaged in sensitisation and advocacy campaigns for the promotion of child s rights, in particular against the plea of human trafficking.

Working with Preschool Children

A Terre des hommes Italia e-Toolkit on Early Childhood


After completing a two-year intervention in the Gaza strip, Terre des hommes Italia presents and makes available for free download and consultation its e-Toolkit on Early Childhood, as one of the remarkable results of the project itself. >>

International Campaign against Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is a pattern of human rights violations that is known to affect at least one million children worldwide and probably many more. It concerns the business of taking children away from their homes and families, transporting them elsewhere, often across frontiers and even to other continents, to be used by others – usually to make money.>>

Child Sponsorship

“…Helping even one child, is always a beautiful love story”
Edmund Kaiser, Terre des hommes‘ founder

Terre des hommes Italia started in 1993 sponsoring children in Bangladesh, Benin, Togo... Since then we support children, their families and the communities every day with different activities. Sponsoring a child means following him/her until the end of his/her education, up to the level the child is able or willing to reach. We meet urgent needs like: going to school, being healthy, having clothes and any other thing that could be needed to give to disadvantaged children the same chances of growing happy and healthy as all other children in the world.>>